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Whether you're looking for work overseas or an expatriate living abroad, come in and share your experiences or ask for advice!
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你肯定你想刪除這個討論主題Job and live in Italy! Ciao :)嗎?
NLopatskaya2更新15/3/2015 13:34:22
Job and live in Italy! Ciao :)

 Hello friends! I so much love Italy. Now I'm learning italian. My current level is B2. My dream is to find a job in Italy! Anybody knows some variants of job? Please let me know! Best wishes, Natalia :)

MNIEVA50更新13/7/2015 0:54:15
RE: Job and live in Italy! Ciao :)
Interesting. I would like to work on Italy someday, but I am not sure how does the lifestyle is there. Did you find a job there? Are you having a nice time? Share with us. Thanks.
DPereira1646更新19/7/2015 11:43:42
RE: RE: Job and live in Italy! Ciao :)
Hey guys! I just had a road trip in Italy. It was awesome. I would live there as well. Mainly in Rome. Good luck for you. Let us know about the development of your goal. Regards, Diego.