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你肯定你想刪除這個討論主題Prision break fans嗎?
LGoncalves da Silva更新21/1/2016 8:12:08
Prision break fans

 Who more else think there's no serie better than PB?

AAfonin23更新5/2/2016 0:01:41
RE: Prision break fans
Hi! I think the same, I watched it a few times, and with pleasure I can see again.
kkaylatangc更新20/3/2016 10:13:36
RE: Prision break fans
it's really a great TV program. U will never know what will happen next. It's crazy how the writters could think of such good ideas.
DPereira1269更新29/4/2017 21:03:52
RE: Prision break fans

How is been new season? Is It going to keep the same level of the season before?