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欢迎加入EF英孚教育 (上海) - 职场英语官方群! 您将有机会结识更多来自上海或其他城市的英孚会员以及英语爱好者,交流彼此的英语学习感悟。也可以及时了解有趣实用的英语学习资料以及关于英孚或生活俱乐部的相关活动资讯,心动了吗?赶快加入我们的英语梦想直通车吧!
語言: Chinese
成員: 1052
幹事: EF SH Group Admin (Administrator), EF Mkt.EF ML


你肯定你想刪除這個討論主題Hello everybody.Nice to meet you!嗎?
hFu1073更新25/2/2012 22:12:24
Hello everybody.Nice to meet you!

My name is Frandy.I'm from Shanghai.I'm a "light" man.That means I am a Lighting Designer.My hobbies are travelling,bodybuilding and basketball.I want to meet many friends.But my English is poor.Now I just have level 5.So I hope my friends can help me to improve my English.